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Praise for the ACLL

“I’m writing to let you know how helpful the County Law Library has been in building my practice. I started my practice out of the law library, taking calls in the stacks. I have since grown it to a six person operation, and send my Associates there to do research. I am currently working with Audrey Rasmusson to build a form bank for my firm.”
—Ryan V.

“Have you ever gone into downtown where there’s a business or an agency where you ask someone a question, and you either get a short answer where you either know less than you did before you asked, or they just acted like they didn’t hear you?
Well, not at the Allegheny County Law Library. Oh my goodness!!! These are the nicest people!!!!

[…] “If you ever need any kind of law question answered come here! They’re patient, no question is a “stupid question”, and you’ll never be ignored. They have the right purple [sic] working here. Thank goodness!”
Ka’Vette D.

“In a David vs. Goliath setting, I just won a six day lawsuit, self-represented, against a team of lawyers from a 12 billion dollar corporation. 
Your extraordinary legal research help made all the difference in the world.
Words cannot adequately convey how much your help meant to me […].
Thought you would want to know your impact. Remain eternally grateful.”

“I really appreciate the assistance and fast turnaround.”
Kim L.

“Great place. Nick and Lori are very professional and maintain a famous old library.”

“Many thanks to all involved. This is extremely helpful and appreciated.”
—Stephen F.

“Great, thank you so much! Looking forward to using the library’s resources and coming in as well.”
—Tim L.

“Many thanks! See you soon now that I’m a proud member of the library.”
—Donald M.

“The Allegheny County Law Library and Staff are such tremendous and valuable resources! The Library has materials which are often unavailable from many other sources. The Staff is incredible. They are friendly, professional, and committed to providing exceptional service. I feel very fortunate to have access to the County Law Library and the assistance of its librarians.”
—Kim L.

“I am a solo practitioner. I have held a membership with the Allegheny County Law Library since the date of my admission to the Pennsylvania Bar. The library resources are invaluable to me and other solo practitioners like myself. I am a frequent user of the library loan feature and I’m not sure how successful I’d be without access to so much research.
When I need to find a resource, the staff is incredibly helpful and professional. They are thorough at their job and they make sure that I find what I need.
I cannot say enough good things about the library and their staff. I am confident that the library will continue to meet my needs and serve those lawyers that follow me.”
—John S.

“I wanted to thank you both for your exceptional assistance that you both provided during my recent unemployment compensation research.
“Your knowledge, time, guidance, and stellar customer service were greatly appreciated.
“Keep up the outstanding work!”
—Mark M.

“I’m  an attorney whose only clients are pro bono organizations and individuals.  I have had several occasions to request assistance from the staff of the County Law Library in researching several important and complex appellate issues. My clients simply could not afford LEXIS or WESTLAW access. […] [A]ccess  to  ACLL’s staff, on-site services, and remote access through Fastcase Gateway is crucial in being able to write briefs which meet the requirements of the appellate courts. I particularly wish to thank Lori Hagen and Audrey Rasmussen Esq. for their invaluable thoughts and assitance [sic] in research. A recent brief secured an important victory for my pro bono clients in obtaining a precdential [sic] opinion which established new law.”
—Caroline M.

“I just wanted to comment on how fantastic my experience was with the ACLL, and specifically Lori, in getting my remaining CLEs for the year.  Not only did she timely (immediately) respond to my inquiry, but within a day she sent me the link and made sure I understood what needed to happen so that I could obtain credit.  With our busy schedules, it’s so refreshing to be able to watch the CLE  on my time, without taking away from client time during the workday.  The CLE was excellent,  the price was beyond reasonable, and the customer service even more so.  I have recommended ACLL to other lawyers in my firm who are in need of credits.  Thanks for providing such a valuable service!  I’ll be checking in after the new year to get a better jump on 2022!”
—Lisa P.

“Mrs. Audrey is very knowledgeable & helpful to all that comes to the law library. She has help me on so many occasions. I’m sad to know she’s leaving.
I hope she will be replaced with someone who is kind, knowledgeable, helpful and patient as Audrey.”
“one of the people”

“Audrey is very considerate and helpful in providing answers & information.”
—Jim M.

“Audrey was beyond helpful! Wonderful!”
—Donna F.

“I would like to highly commend Audrey for her excellent help and professionalism.
She is an excellent employee.”
—Donald W.